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1 Yesu Giduc zoux Ndaawitv Hungh nyei zeiv-fun. Ndaawitv Hungh yaac zoux Apc^laa^ham nyei zeiv-fun. Ih zanc fiev naaiv se Yesu Giduc doic jiex doic nyei douh zong. 1The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ* , the son of David, the son of Abraham.
2 Apc^laa^ham zoux I^sakc nyei die. I^sakc zoux Yaakopv nyei die. Yaakopv zoux Yu^ndaa mbuo muoz-dorn doic nyei die. 2Abraham became the father of Isaac. Isaac became the father of Jacob. Jacob became the father of Judah and his brothers.
3 Yu^ndaa zoux Beletv caux Zelaa nyei die. Ninh mbuo nyei maa heuc Taamaa. Beletv zoux Hetv^lon nyei die. Hetv^lon zoux Laam nyei die. 3Judah became the father of Perez and Zerah by Tamar. Perez became the father of Hezron. Hezron became the father of Ram.
4 Laam zoux Am^mi^naa^ndapc nyei die. Am^mi^naa^ndapc zoux Naason nyei die. Naason zoux Sanx^mon nyei die. 4Ram became the father of Amminadab. Amminadab became the father of Nahshon. Nahshon became the father of Salmon.
5 Sanx^mon zoux Mbo^aatc nyei die. Mbo^aatc nyei maa heuc Laa^hapc. Mbo^aatc zoux O^mbetc nyei die. O^mbetc nyei maa heuc Lu^te. O^mbetc zoux Jetc^si nyei die. 5Salmon became the father of Boaz by Rahab. Boaz became the father of Obed by Ruth. Obed became the father of Jesse.
6 Jetc^si zoux Ndaawitv Hungh nyei die. Ndaawitv Hungh zoux Saa^lo^morn nyei die. Saa^lo^morn nyei maa zinh ndaangc zoux U^li^yaa nyei auv. 6Jesse became the father of King David. David became the father of Solomon by her who had been the wife of Uriah.
7 Saa^lo^morn zoux Le^hox^mbo^am nyei die. Le^hox^mbo^am zoux Aa^mbi^yaa nyei die. Aa^mbi^yaa zoux Aasaax nyei die. 7Solomon became the father of Rehoboam. Rehoboam became the father of Abijah. Abijah became the father of Asa.
8 Aasaax zoux Ye^ho^saa^fatv nyei die. Ye^ho^saa^fatv zoux Yolam nyei die. Yolam zoux Utc^si^yaa nyei die. 8Asa became the father of Jehoshaphat. Jehoshaphat became the father of Joram. Joram became the father of Uzziah.
9 Utc^si^yaa zoux Yotaam nyei die. Yotaam zoux Aa^hatc nyei die. Aa^hatc zoux He^se^ki^yaa nyei die. 9Uzziah became the father of Jotham. Jotham became the father of Ahaz. Ahaz became the father of Hezekiah.
10 He^se^ki^yaa zoux Maa^natv^se nyei die. Maa^natv^se zoux Aamon nyei die. Aamon zoux Yo^si^yaa nyei die. 10Hezekiah became the father of Manasseh. Manasseh became the father of Amon. Amon became the father of Josiah.
11 Yo^si^yaa zoux Ye^ko^ni^yaa* mbuo muoz-doic nyei die. Wuov zanc doix zuqc I^saa^laa^en Mienh zuqc caangv mingh Mbaa^mbi^lon Deic-Bung.* 11Josiah became the father of Jechoniah and his brothers, at the time of the exile to Babylon.
12 Zuqc caangv mingh liuz, nqa'haav Ye^ko^ni^yaa zoux Se^an^ti^en nyei die. Se^an^ti^en zoux Se^lupv^mbaa^mben nyei die. 12After the exile to Babylon, Jechoniah became the father of Shealtiel. Shealtiel became the father of Zerubbabel.
13 Se^lupv^mbaa^mben zoux Aa^mbi^yutv nyei die. Aa^mbi^yutv zoux E^li^yaa^kim nyei die. E^li^yaa^kim zoux Aasor nyei die. 13Zerubbabel became the father of Abiud. Abiud became the father of Eliakim. Eliakim became the father of Azor.
14 Aasor zoux Saax^ndokc nyei die. Saax^ndokc zoux Aakim nyei die. Aakim zoux E^li^utc nyei die. 14Azor became the father of Sadoc. Sadoc became the father of Achim. Achim became the father of Eliud.
15 E^li^utc zoux E^le^aa^saa nyei die. E^le^aa^saa zoux Matv^taan nyei die. Matv^taan zoux Yaakopv nyei die. 15Eliud became the father of Eleazar. Eleazar became the father of Matthan. Matthan became the father of Jacob.
16 Yaakopv zoux Yosepv nyei die. Yosepv se Maa^li^yaa nyei nqox. Maa^li^yaa zoux Yesu nyei maa. Yesu dongh mienh heuc Giduc wuov dauh.
16Jacob became the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary, from whom was born Jesus* , who is called Christ.
17 Hnangv naaic, yiem Apc^laa^ham mingh taux Ndaawitv Hungh maaih ziepc feix doic mienh. Aengx yiem Ndaawitv Hungh mingh taux I^saa^laa^en Mienh zuqc guaatv mingh Mbaa^mbi^lon Deic-Bung maaih ziepc feix doic. Aengx yiem zuqc guaatv mingh nyei ziangh hoc taux Giduc cuotv seix wuov zanc, maaih ziepc feix doic. Yesu Giduc Cuotv Seix (Beiv mangc Lugaa 2:1-7 )
17So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; from David to the exile to Babylon fourteen generations; and from the carrying away to Babylon to the Christ, fourteen generations.
18 Yesu Giduc cuotv seix nyei jauv-louc se hnangv naaiv. Yesu nyei maa, mbuox heuc Maa^li^yaa. Yosepv gorngv ziangh ninh mi'aqv. Ninh mbuo maiv gaengh juangc dorngx bueix jiex mv baac Maa^li^yaa maaih sin aqv, se yiem Singx Lingh nyei qaqv daaih.* 18Now the birth of Jesus Christ was like this; for after his mother, Mary, was engaged to Joseph, before they came together, she was found pregnant by the Holy Spirit.
19 Ninh nyei nqox, Yosepv, se kuv mienh yaac maiv oix bun Maa^li^yaa dorng zuangx zuqc nyaiv. Ninh ziouc yiem hnyouv hnamv oix beic ndiev tuix.
19Joseph, her husband, being a righteous man, and not willing to make her a public example, intended to put her away secretly.
20 Yosepv yiem hnyouv hnangv naaiv nor hnamv. Maaih dauh Ziouv nyei fin-mienh daaih box mbeix mbuox ninh, “Ndaawitv nyei zeiv-fun, Yosepv aah! Maiv dungx gamh nziex. Gunv longc Maa^li^yaa zoux meih nyei auv aqv oc. Ninh maaih jienv wuov norm sin se Singx Lingh bun ninh maaih. 20But when he thought about these things, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph, son of David, don’t be afraid to take to yourself Mary, your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.
21 Ninh oix duqv dauh dorn. Meih oix zuqc tengx wuov dauh dorn cuotv mbuox heuc Yesu,* weic zuqc ninh oix njoux ninh nyei baeqc fingx leih ndutv ninh mbuo nyei zuiz.”*
21She shall bring forth a son. You shall call his name Jesus, for it is he who shall save his people from their sins.”
22 Naaiv deix sic cuotv daaih weic bun doix nzengc zinh ndaangc Ziouv longc wuov dauh douc waac mienh gorngv nyei waac. Ninh gorngv, 22Now all this has happened, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying,
23 “Maaih dauh maiv nziaauc jiex dorn nyei sieqv, oix maaih norm sin, yungz duqv dauh dorn. Ninh mbuo oix cuotv mbuox heuc I^maa^nu^en.” (Eix leiz se “Tin-Hungh caux mbuo yiem.”)*
23“Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son. They shall call his name Immanuel;” which is, being interpreted, “God with us.”*
24 Yosepv nyie daaih, ninh ei jienv Ziouv nyei fin-mienh mbuox nyei waac zoux, ziouc dorh Maa^li^yaa daaih zoux ninh nyei auv aqv. 24Joseph arose from his sleep, and did as the angel of the Lord commanded him, and took his wife to himself;
25 Mv baac ninh mbuo maiv nitv doic taux Maa^li^yaa duqv naaiv dauh dorn daaih. Yosepv tengx wuov dauh dorn cuotv mbuox heuc Yesu.* 25and didn’t know her sexually until she had brought forth her firstborn son. He named him Jesus.
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